MicroTech's High Level Security (HLS) Complaint Meters

#MicroTech Industries (#MTI - have always believed in innovation, creativity, resourcefulness par excellence and going the extra miles for our valued customers. We are pleased to inform that in the journey of technological innovation and development, we have achieved another milestone by acquiring the latest DLMS/ COSEM certification with HLS i.e. High Level Security (with GMAC authenticated encryption algorithms) for our 3-Phase Whole Current (R326_DTGC3) & HT/ LT Type (T421_DTGC4) Smart Energy Meters. Some of the security features are as follows:

  • Handshake based authentication for DLMS association
  • Secure Data Encryption
  • Enhanced Packet Level
    • Confidentiality/ Privacy
    • Authentication
  • Etc.

Moreover, Our 3-Phase HT/ LT Type Smart Energy Meter (T421_DTGC4) is the 1,000th DLMS/ COSEM compliant meter, making it the 'Millennium Model', and comprising a unique Certificate No. We also congratulate our team on this achievement and many more to come.

A direct link to the DLMS website is provided below for the aforementioned models: