MicroTech Industries to Implement Largest AMI Project in Pakistan

USAID funded largest smart metering project in Pakistan has been awarded to MicroTech Industries. This project is based on an end-to-end turnkey GPRS enabled smart metering solution that is being implemented in two utility companies (MEPCO & PESCO) to cater to the residential, agricultural (tube-wells), small industrial and public sector consumers. The project aims to reduce distribution losses and modernize the electricity metering and billing operations.

The project has been awarded to MicroTech Industries (MTI) due to its superior performance, reliability and proven track record. In past few years MTI has emerged as a market leader in smart metering technology in Pakistan. It has implemented some of the most complex and challenging projects such as Load Data Improvement Project (LDIP) requiring the installation of Smart Meters in more than 700 Grid Substations; and an infrastructure comprising communication networks and data collection and management systems, allowing Near Real Time monitoring of load data.

MTI is providing the Smart Energy Meters, Meter Data Collection Software (MDC), Web User Interface, Installation and Implementation Services. The proposed solution comes with a number of advanced features that are unique to the energy sector in Pakistan. Some of the key features and benefits are:

  • Demand Side Load Management
  • Energy Auditing
  • Customized Reporting
  • Improvement in Revenue Collection

The scope of this project is not limited to energy meters and backend software but also includes meter installations/ replacements, communication & hosting services, 3rd party hardware & software and so forth.

The energy sector in Pakistan is surrounded with numerous problems such as poor energy management and inefficient distribution system. To deal with these, efficient and smart technologies are needed that are designed and customized keeping in view the local requirements and international standards. Such AMI Projects will bring in a new era of technological advancements and a paradigm shift in the energy sector of Pakistan.